What kind of yarn/tufting machine/materials do you use?

I use 100% New Zealand wool yarn. I have several tufting machines, which I use for different projects, but my favorite machine is the AK-II. Please note that I do not share my suppliers. 

Do you work on commission projects?

Yes! I am always open for custom projects. These range from framed works to anything else you can think of! For more information, and to request a quote for your custom framed work, please check out my custom page

I really like *insert certain piece here* but it’s sold out! Can you make me a new one?

Since the process of making tufted works is quite a long one, I don’t like to work on a repeated design since it might bore me sooner than working on a new piece. I also sell every piece as an original work, so once a work has been sold I can’t make it again.

If you’d like to get your own piece based on a previous design of mine, I am always open for custom projects. For more information, check out my custom page.

Where are your works made?

Every single piece is handmade by me in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

How long doest it take to make a rug?

This completely depends on the origin of the project, and the size and detail of the rug. Before I start tufting I need to design the work. Tufting a rug could take only a few hours if it’s a smaller size, but when working on a large area rug, tufting takes several days. After the tufting is finished, the rug needs to be secured with glue, which takes a full day to dry.

After the glue has dried, I take the rug off the frame to finish it. I shave the front of the rug to create an even pile or create details. After that I frame the work and do some last trimming.

How do I take care of my rug?

All of my rugs are handmade and cannot be machine washed.

When you receive your brand-new rug, it’s normal for it to shed. You can remove the shed by using a vacuum, but make sure there are no moving parts in your vacuum. Wall pieces can also be vacuumed if needed. Vacuum your floor rug once a week to remove all dirt and dust from the surface before it gets pressed into the fibers. When a single fiber comes loose, never pull it, but cut it off with sharp scissors instead. 

If there is a spill on your wool rug, it is essential to blot it out immediately. Use a clean cloth or paper towels and carefully blot out all of the excess liquid. When necessary, you can use a mild soap and water to remove some spots. Never rub the wool too aggressively, since this breaks up the wool fibers.